Stella Oresanya

University of Dundee | MED

I am happy to share my experience with Stafford global. My tutors and programme leaders have been so helpful to me through my learning. They have provided the tools and links to navigate the module materials, I am grateful for their help. The focus during my studies was on Leadership and Inclusion, this learning has better informed my understanding of the learning environment- people, culture, values, and a better response towards an effective and efficient school. Moving forward, My Full Masters program will focus on the Special Education Needs Child or Social Works. Although, I have successfully completed my PGCE in the University of Dundee as an online distance learner, there were some challenges I experienced. These are health related which has made my studies linger more than expected. However, I thank God Almighty for healing and help to complete my PGCE. I would have continued to do the Full Master’s program immediately but not online this time around. I want to be on campus for my master’s so I would appreciate if Stafford can help with this process to enable me resume on campus in September 2023 session.
An Alumni introduced me to Stafford global and I have been telling friends about your organisation as well, I hope they will see the opportunity to improve on their learning sometime soon.

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