Avanti Ramachandran

University of Leicester | MBA

My husband, Rohit Ramachandran and I, both, wanted to do our MBA in 2002 to further our career ambitions. We then came across and were very impressed with the structured learning approach of Leicester University and the support offered by Stafford Associates. We met a group of executives from various fields of work as our colleagues and everyone shared valuable real life experiences across industries such as Oil and Gas, FMCG, Aviation, Shipping and more, during our discussions in class. The program offered us a good mix of best management theories and real life case studies where these theories and principles could be applied for a better outcome. The most important learning from our MBA was critical thinking of and challenging the existing practices and processes. The MBA allowed us to become more confident of turning ideas into reality. It allowed us to develop a network of contacts and build valuable friendships that last to date. We highly recommend Stafford Associates as a valued partner in delivering the MBA course with the help of highly qualified professors and lecturers in a warm and supportive environment.


Dinesh Lobo

University of Leicester | MBA

I signed up for the Leicester MBA course in Finance and Marketing in 2002. The curriculum, course structure, duration and cost suited my needs. I was looking for a MBA course from a reputed and globally recognized Institute without having to leave my job to reside on a campus. The Leicester MBA offered exactly that as it was neither a campus based course nor a distance learning course. It offered classes over 2 years of the programme. My association with the administrative and faculty staff of Stafford was always characterized by prompt, efficient and professional assistance and instruction. The qualification per se and the nature of interaction during classes and workshops gave me new insights on numerous issues of the workplace. It offered certain perspectives in management which undoubtedly helped me progress in my maritime shipping career and into leadership roles.


Shanti Ayyagari

University of Leicester | MBA Finance

The University of Leicester and Stafford Associates was recommended by a friend and former student. It’s a well structured course requiring a lot of hard work from the students. The staff and lecturers of Stafford have gone an extra mile to ensure that I was able to complete the MBA programme successfully. Ever since I graduated in MBA Finance I’ve had an edge over other IT consultants as I am able to seamlessly translate IT technical language to business language and reach out to the senior and top manager of organizations and for this I’m thankful for the knowledge imparted by Stafford Associates.



University of Leicester | MBA

My association with Stafford has changed my life. It started in a simple way. My colleague was doing an MBA with Leicester through Stafford associates and recommended me to join, and I did. After I completed the MBA, I did the same, recommend many of my friends and they are all happy with the teaching and coordination with the university. Currently I am executing all that I learned from my MBA. I have started a Job portal www.EngineersWanted.com to support Engineering placements all over the world. Some other startup ideas are slowly turning to real businesses with the help of external investors. It all happened because of the confidence I gained through my MBA studies.


Jogesh Ajay

University of Leicester | MBA

I started doing my MBA program in 2002, 7 years after completing my engineering degree. I wanted to do a Masters in Management after working for some years. I was looking for a course which can be done part time without interrupting my work. The course from University of Leicester fitted to my requirements. Stafford associates really supported me in completing the course within two years.


Tamer Baheer Nasser

University of Leicester | MBA

I have to admit that without Stafford association support, follow-up, kindness, and care, I wouldn’t get this MBA degree. What I really cannot forget with Stafford team that whoever I was dealing with from this wonderful team was providing me the same excellent professional prompt and kind service. It’s Stafford culture! I really appreciate Stafford teamkind efforts for helping me to receive my MBA degree, and wish them all the best.


Johannes ( JOHN ) William Leavey

University of Nottingham | PGCEi

The course required plenty of reading and writing of essays, but there were also opportunities to interact with other course members, both in person at the Get Together events in Dubai, but also virtually via the University Portal. The course really helped me understand what I wanted to achieve as a teacher and how to go about it. I can highly recommend it. Stafford was efficient and professional in their organization. They answered all my questions promptly and handled all payments without hassle or fuss.


Imran Zaib

University of Northampton | MBA

Most convenient, affordable and flexible way of learning and getting an MBA Degree. Wonderfully planned and executed course with very helpful staff. I just attended the workshops, did my assignments and got the degree; everything else has been coordinated by Stafford (off course I paid the fees in easy installments without burden on my pocket).


Shaila Begum Abdulkader

University of Nottingham | PGCEi

Well coordinated programme. Faculty was extremely accommodative and helpful. Contact classes for the 2 days were really helpful; I am very happy with the whole conduct of the programme. Stafford Associates has been really helpful from the time of admissions to the receipt of certificate. I am so thankful to Nabeela who coordinated my admission formalities in a professional manner.


Shehla Khan

University of Nottingham | PGCEi

It was a very interesting course. The content is very comprehensive and well planned. I have been a teacher for 16 years, and have found the course very informative, as far as its relevance to today’s environments is concerned. The learning trends have changed with the inclusion of electronic media, classrooms have to be set up differently as well. I gained a lot of insight through the course. The deadlines of the assignments are well spaced out and are very achievable. One has to manage time well, if one is working alongside the course. The tutors are very helpful and respond to queries within a good time space.

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