Mohammed Abuelqroush

University of Northampton | MBA

I wanted to share my wonderful experience with the Executive MBA programme and the admissions process. Stafford Global’s devotion, hard work, and dedication to my personal and professional development was evident throughout.

During the admissions process, I was able to demonstrate my academic achievements, leadership potential, and relevant professional experience, all of which were required to meet the high standards of this top-tier MBA programme. I’m grateful to the admissions team for their guidance and support throughout the process, which made it possible for me to be admitted into the programme.

My MBA programme at the University of Northampton has been challenging but enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from world-class teachers, network with a diverse group of professionals, and acquire practical skills and knowledge that will serve me well in my future career. As I progress through the program, I’m confident that my critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills will continue to improve, setting me up for success.

Overall, I can’t thank Stafford Global enough for this incredible opportunity to be a part of such an outstanding MBA programme. My experience with the admissions process and the program itself reflects my dedication and perseverance, and I’m excited about what the future holds for me.

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