Edward McAndrew

University of Leicester | MBA

I made the decision to look at the possibility of doing an MBA in the spring of 2012. The reasoning was that I had two free days per week after moving to a new country and I wanted to achieve something that would make me feel positive about myself. I always felt that I never fulfilled my potential in terms of academia due to financial constraints, work and indeed laziness. Having looked at the options I decided to pursue the University of Leicester MBA through Stafford Associates. All of my initial queries and concerns were dealt with speed and professionalism by the Stafford team and I always looked forward to the quarterly weekend seminars in the UAE. In the final stage of my MBA, I was assigned a wonderful dissertation tutor who was a great help and source of advice. The world wide web makes access to knowledge and distance learning possible, and I see learning as a lifelong process that I appreciate more as I reach middle age. I decided to do the best I possibly could on each element of the course. I achieved a distinction and also an additional certificate from The University of Leicester for being one of the best distance learning students. I consider myself very lucky to have achieved these awards. Achieving the MBA has helped me in my work role as well as in negotiating better work conditions. I definitely feel more positive about myself – which was my goal at the outset. I have also exorcised the ghost of knowing I had not achieved my full potential academically in the past.

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