University of Leicester

Dr. Elkan Polad

University of Leicester | MBA

I had very wonderful experience with the University and Stafford. I had perhaps millions of questions during the study and all tutors and admin staffs were absolutely professional, caring and patient in entertaining all my requests. They made this experience very pleasant journey and all challenges which seemed sometimes insurmountable turned into the very manageable and even easy tasks. Blackboard facility offered by the University is an amazing tool and helps in working on all assignments and dissertation. Tutors on Blackboard are very professional and only because of their help I could complete my study in minimal times with good results. I strongly recommend to anyone to embark on this beautiful journey. It is worth it!!!! From the very first day back in December of 2008 I had been taken care of by the very caring and nice people – staff of Stafford Associates. They never lost their patience, were always available and entertained all requests with professionalism and in a very friendly way. Join the University of Leicester’s programmes and these guys will take care of you and will turn your study into the very pleasant and unforgettable experience!!!

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