Clinton Reddy

Edinburgh Napier University | Online MBA in Banking

I am currently a University of Edinburgh Napier Alumni, thanks to the advice and convincing of Mina (Higher Education Consultant)!

Mina called me in 2018 and gave me the confidence that I could get my MBA while working. She convinced me to register for the MBA in Banking as I worked within the investment banking industry. She assured me, by speaking of testimonials of others that studied before me through the years, that she believed in me, that I could do this and stated that she will always be available to assist if I had any questions or difficulty with the university.

I wanted to express my thanks to Mina for her well-guided process from the first call to convince me to register all through the registration process. Her quick responses to my admin emails during the peak of COVID were also comforting, and I stopped worrying as everything was in control somehow!

Thank you to Mina for being such a wonderful person and believing in someone that you had never met. You understood my study needs from the first call we chatted! I am sure you were surprised when I called you on your cell (which you had given me in case of emergency) to thank you and give you the good news of my completing my MBA in Banking! It’s not every day that we meet people that have an impact on others! You are one in a million!

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