Avanti Ramachandran

University of Leicester | MBA

My husband, Rohit Ramachandran and I, both, wanted to do our MBA in 2002 to further our career ambitions. We then came across and were very impressed with the structured learning approach of Leicester University and the support offered by Stafford Associates. We met a group of executives from various fields of work as our colleagues and everyone shared valuable real life experiences across industries such as Oil and Gas, FMCG, Aviation, Shipping and more, during our discussions in class. The program offered us a good mix of best management theories and real life case studies where these theories and principles could be applied for a better outcome. The most important learning from our MBA was critical thinking of and challenging the existing practices and processes. The MBA allowed us to become more confident of turning ideas into reality. It allowed us to develop a network of contacts and build valuable friendships that last to date. We highly recommend Stafford Associates as a valued partner in delivering the MBA course with the help of highly qualified professors and lecturers in a warm and supportive environment.

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