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South Africa is a rapidly growing market for Stafford Global, and potential candidates from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Pretoria and the rest of the country have access to a substantial Distance Learning and Online portfolio from Edinburgh Napier University UK. This includes Online MBAs, Online Masters degrees, Online BSc and a bachelors diploma to degree top-up programme. The Online MBA from Edinburgh Napier University offers 11 specialist routes, covering Marketing, HR, IT, Finance, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Tourism, Project Management and more.

In addition, Senior Managers and Directors who already hold a Masters degree can choose to pursue a DBA Doctorate Degree (equivalent to a PhD) from the University of Northampton. Other courses from the University of Northampton include a UK MBA with workshops and a UK MBA Top-up degree.

The University of Dundee UK offers a Teaching course through a Masters in Education degree, with PGCE and PG Diploma routes, as well a Healthcare course with a Distance Learning Masters in Infection Prevention and Control with options in PG Cert, PG Diploma and a diploma-to-degree Bachelors top-up taught entirely online.

Our Higher Education Consultants based in South Africa guide candidates in choosing the ideal degree for their career goals, and also assist them with the application process to secure a successful entry into their chosen university programme. Beyond this, continuous administrative support is provided by Stafford Global,  permitting students to wholly concentrate on their academic learning. Once enrolled candidates are entirely a student of – and upon graduation awarded a Degree by the respective UK university.

About South Africa

Known as the ‘rainbow nation’ due to its incredible diversity of people and cultures, South Africa boasts an incredible 2,798 km of spectacular coastline. The 24th largest country in the world, it is home to 58 million people speaking 11 different official languages such as Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans and English. Its name naturally comes from its geographical location, being the southern most country in the African continent. The home of some of the oldest human-fossil records known to date, South Africa is also called as the ‘Cradle of Humankind’.

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