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About Singapore

The Republic of Singapore is only 725.1 km2 making it one of the smallest countries in Asia, and the world. In an attempt to increase it’s total area, the country has undergone extensive land reclamation to add an additional 130 km2 of to its original 581.5 km2 land, almost a 23% increase in its size. A popular origin of the country’s name has its roots in the Sanskrit Siṃhapura, meaning Lion Town, a nod to which is found in one of its most famous landmarks, the Singapore Merlion. Due to its size, the country has very limited natural water sources of its own and purchases water from its neighbour Malaysia, supplemented by urban rainwater catchment, desalination and reclaimed water. One of the global economic powerhouses in Asia, Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

Stafford Students

The growing popularity of TESOL courses [Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages] and increasing demand for postgraduate education degrees in Singapore, led to Stafford introducing the University of Dundee Master of Education course to the country in 2019. Students can specialise in 5 MEd pathways, and can even opt for PGCE [Postgraduate Certificate in Education] and PG Diploma [Postgraduate Diploma] entry and exit routes for the programme. In addition to this, Singaporeans wanting to do the UK education masters can fast track this degree and finish it in a much shorter timeframe than the standard MEd route. The University of Dundee Master of Education degree is also IB accredited [International Baccalaureate].

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