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Officially called the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, people in the Middle East often use the abbreviation KSA in speech or writing when referring to this country. The largest sovereign state in Western Asia based on Geography, only 0.7% of this 2,149,690 km2 country is water, making this one of the most arid nations on earth. Founded in 1932, KSA gets its name from its founder Ibn Saud, who united the four regions into a single nation state. While Arabic is the national language of Saudi Arabia, there are actually three regional variants of it spoken in the country; Najdi Arabia with eight million speakers, Hejazi Arabic with six million speakers and Gulf Arabic spoken by 200,000 speakers.

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Stafford Global has helped students from Saudi Arabia earn a UK degree for over 30 years, without the need to leave work or Saudi Arabia. We claim thousands of Saudi Arabian students as part of our Alumni; having earned or still studying their doctorate degree, MBA, MSc, Masters degree in a specialised field of their choice, BA Top-up or PGCE.

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