Psychology Degrees & Healthcare Degrees

Online Masters in Psychology Degrees

The BPS-accredited Online Masters in Psychology degree covers key areas in this field, including social, cognitive, biological and developmental psychology. The Online Masters in Occupational Psychology and Masters in Psychology of work focus on maximising employer-employee relationships and is a popular degree with HR managers and professionals.

Psychology is the study of the mind; the conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings that drives human behaviour. It aims to understand individual and group behaviours through evolving neuroscientific principles, and evidence based research experiments that explore biological and physiological processes in relation to cognitive functions.

Online Masters in Healthcare Degrees

An Online Masters in Healthcare is ideal for professionals aspiring to or in leadership and management positions within hospitals, medical and social care institutions. An Online MBA is Healthcare Management is also available along with a Bachelors, PG Cert, PG Diploma and Masters in Infection Control and Prevention. These Online Masters in Healthcare courses will enhance one’s ability to audit and evaluate health and social care services, and deepen understanding of leadership and management skills needed to succeed in this career path.

All programmes are delivered by academic experts in the fields of healthcare, nursing, Public Health, Infection control and more.

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