Health and Psychology Courses

Public Health and Infection Control are two very important topics in modern healthcare. The demand for both topics has increased in recent years, due to super-bug and contagious illness outbreaks such as SMRA, swine flu and Ebola highlighting the need for more effective control and public health information.

Aimed at those already working in healthcare around the world, the MSc in Diabetes will help you to build on your existing knowledge while developing your expertise in several key areas of best practice.

Our other programme of courses in this area, psychology, are provided by University of Leicester. A psychology degree will help professionals attain a sound knowledge and understanding of a broad range of topics in occupational psychology and psychology of work.

These psychology courses will appeal to a HR professional and/or a Psychologist who want a career in organisational effectiveness and those with an interest in business consultancy, HR management and occupational research.

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