Project Management & Logistics Degrees

Online Masters in Project Management Degrees

The UK Online Masters in Project Management courses will help students gain the necessary knowledge to address two key challenges faced in this role; achieve the specific goal within the deadline, to scope, within budget and at an acceptable quality standard and, allocate and optimise all project assets and resources to complete a project.

Project Management is the process of planning, implementing and controlling a project – along with all its related assets and resources – to achieve a specific objective within a given time frame. Traditionally relegated to Operations, in today’s complex, global business environment Project Managers are required across job roles and organisational functions.

Online Masters in Logistics Degrees

Our Masters in Logistics will enhance understanding of the strategic and operational roles logistics and supply chain management plays in the global business environment, and how to configure these functions to compete in major trading blocs. The Masters in Transport Planning and Engineering degree teaches various transport modelling and appraisal techniques to develop efficient transportation systems.

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