Stephan Ochse

Digital Marketing Executive

Stephan studied at the University of Pretoria in South Africa. His Engineering background and passion to solve problems on a high level, is what makes him driven to grow and reinvent. Along with his creative views and approach to constantly figure out new ways to expand.

Stephan’s passion is built around the central approach and the principle, that the internet is more than a means of sharing great ideas; it’s a powerful tool for reinventing products, services, brands, and business processes, and most importantly, it’s the greatest way to engage and influence people.

“The internet is a powerful tool to become apparent and prominent and allow every company globally with the opportunity to exist in their unique way.”
This is what drives Stephan to work in this fast growing, global dynamic Industry – to develop and manage strategies for brands to thrive and excel their online presence.”

With his Engineering background and extensive research in businesses innovation Stephan empowered himself in the dynamic field of all Digital Marketing Activities.

Before joining Stafford, as a young entrepreneur Stephan acted as consultant, advisor, educator and mentor. With his practical knowledge in various aspects of business he assisted several companies with development strategies to improve and excel their online presence.

As a social media enthusiast, Stephan’s personal interest also includes networking and expanding his knowledge by researching the latest innovation in technology.

“Everything is ‘figure out able’, and potential is limitless” – is Stephan’s motto.
Stephan believes that passion in life is an ongoing act of creation where you are 100% in charge to shape yourself and your future.

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