Philippe Riewer


After completing his Masters degree in Economics in Strasbourg, Philippe embarked on an international career spanning four continents. An exchange year abroad in the UK triggered a life long love and appreciation for Anglo Saxon countries and culture, which took him to San Francisco for an MBA and New Zealand with L’Oreal. In between these countries he also managed short stints in Germany and Jordan.

Having tired of the corporate life he returned to academia with Stafford as a lecturer in 1999, first teaching Managerial Economics, Decision Making and then Corporate Finance. Ten years later, he took over as Group CFO of the company.

Philippe is an avid follower of current affairs and international finance and can be relied upon to name the capital city of every country in the world. When he is not reading the Financial Times or The Economist he can be found playing Padel tennis where he is a highly sought after partner due to his extremely competitive nature.

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