Loulwa Kazoun

Corporate Learning Partnerships Manager

Growing up in Dubai, attending a French University, and completing her Master’s degree in London, Loulwa was exposed to a very diverse environment where she grew as a person, learning how to efficiently communicate with people from different nationalities and backgrounds.

Loulwa is a Sorbonne University graduate with a major in Economics and a minor in Law as well as a University of Law graduate with a Master’s in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. She took on a challenge of completing her postgraduate degree abroad in a new city as well as studying her degree in her third language and graduated as a polyglot speaking English, Arabic, French, and some Spanish. She is driven by her passion of always finding out more, and she believes that Economics is very simply, how the world works.

At Stafford, Loulwa is our Corporate Learning Partnerships Manager and contributes to reaching corporate clients such as multinationals and SMEs to generate leads and students for Stafford.

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