Abdul Raqeeb

Digital Marketing Executive
Abdul isn’t just passionate about performance marketing, he’s passionate about the world! This self-taught specialist, with 3+ years of experience under his belt, has already driven impactful campaigns across diverse industries and continents. But for Abdul, success isn’t just about clicks and conversions, it’s about using data to create experiences that resonate, drive engagement, and elevate brands on a global stage.
At Stafford Global, Abdul oversees the marketing campaigns across all paid channels, constantly optimizing them to deliver maximum impact.
When Abdul isn’t busy conquering the digital landscape, you might find him planning his next adventure. While he hasn’t quite stamped his passport yet, the world awaits with its diverse cultures and hidden gems. But even if he’s not physically exploring, Abdul is always learning and growing, fueled by his insatiable curiosity and his love for meeting new people.
Abdul brings not only proven expertise in performance marketing but also a unique perspective and a drive to learn and connect.

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