Greetings from the Stafford Team.

Businesses are constantly trying to increase their customer base and consumers are constantly trying to reduce their financial commitments. As a win-win strategy, Stafford is happy to introduce to you the “Refer a Friend Plan”

How does it generally work?

Simply, put us in touch with a friend who is interested in joining one of our courses. Once your friend joins, we reduce your payment by a predetermined amount (if you are a registered student with us) or pay you in cash and you can refer as many friends as you wish.

Note: This is applicable from the September 2012 intake and not applicable to previously referred candidates.

New courses

We are constantly trying to meet the academic needs of our students and are adding quality courses to our portfolio. Click on schedule button below to see all our courses.

How does it specifically work?

  • You introduce a friend to the programme.

  • You complete the attached “Friend referral” form with your full name and contact details, your friend’s full name and the programme they are interested in, as well as their email ID and mobile number and email it to

  • The friend referral form will be forwarded to one of our Academic Consultants where they will check if your friend is in our database or not or whether they have been in contact with us already.

  • If so, we will immediately inform you and tell you when the last contact was.

  • If not, your name will be recorded as the referrer and we will initiate the recruitment process and work with your friend to offer them the most suitable course for their needs.

    • If you are an active student we will credit your account with the predetermined amount If you have already paid the entire course fee or you are part of our alumni, we will pay you in cash.

    • If you are not a Stafford student we will pay the referral amount in cash (see attached schedule)

    • Referral amounts are applicable to the intake that the referred student starts his/her programme.

  • Payment will be completed 30 days after the start date of the programme for which the referred student has successfully registered and paid his/her instalment.

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