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About Oman

Oman, or officially the Sultanate of Oman is one of the oldest maritime nations in the world, with traditional ship-building continuing to remain a significant part of the Omani skill and heritage. Ranked as one of the most improved and rapidly developing nations in the world, Oman is also considered one of the most peaceful. Despite most of central Oman consisting of a gravel desert plain, pockets of the country such as Salalah actually experience a sort of Monsoon called Khareef, with light, constant rain turning the area into a lush, tropical paradise every summer. In the past eras, Oman was underwater, being covered by the ocean and as a result even in the desert fossilised shells can occasionally be found.

Stafford Students

Oman is a key market for Stafford Global, with its rapidly urbanising population and strong demand for Higher education courses such as an MBA, MSc and PGCE. Stafford Global has seen an increasing number of Omani students in the last decade, and we continue to expand the portfolio of degrees offered in the country to meet the growing demand.

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