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Stafford Global provide administrative and academic guidance to students in Lagos, Abuja and Nigeria, helping them earn a UK DBA Doctorate degree, UK MBA or UK Masters degree through Distance Learning, without them needing to leave work. Today students from Nigeria have access to an extensive portfolio of UK University degree courses covering subjects such as IT, Finance, Data Analytics, HR, Logistics, Banking and more.

Study an Online MBA from Edinburgh Napier University, an Online Masters in Education from the University of Dundee UK and more.

About Nigeria

Known as the “Giant of Africa”, Nigeria is one of the most populated countries in the world, and is an economic powerhouse of the African continent thanks to its plethora or natural resources such as oil. A multinational country, Nigeria has over 250 ethnic groups, speaking over 500 different dialects, with English as its official language to help foster communication. The country’s name derives from the Niger river that runs through it, and the earliest recorded civilisation was 1,500 BC. While Lagos is the country’s largest city, Abuja is the capital and seat of administrative power.

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