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About Lebanon

Lebanon, officially the Lebanese Republic, sits at the crossroads between the Mediterranean and the Arab states, resulting in its rich cultural history and diversity. The smallest sovereign state in mainland Asia, it is the birthplace of the Phoenicians and Canaanites, with a maritime culture that has lasted over 3 millennia. Notable for its large diaspora, it has been suggested that more Lebanese people live outside the country than in it, which has lead to the growing popularity of Lebanese food around the world. The Cedar tree – Lebanon’s national symbol, present on its flag – makes up most of the natural forest found in the country and is synonymous with the country’s most famous landmark, Mount Lebanon.

Stafford Students

Students in Beirut and Lebanon have access to administrative and academic guidance by locally based Stafford global representatives. They will provide Lebanese students guidance on studying a part time or online MBA, Online MSc, PGCE or UK Masters program without the need to stop working. Multiple specialisations are available in the Masters degree courses, such as an MBA in Tourism, MBA in Healthcare, MBA in Project Management etc. Other degree programmes on offer are a DBA, MSc, MEd, MA and a PGCE.

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