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The State of Kuwait, commonly referred to as Kuwait, claims the highest valued currency in the world – the Kuwaiti Dinar, and has the fourth highest income per capita. Historically, Kuwait city was the centre of commercial boat building in the region, with its shipping boats facilitating trade between India, Africa and the Arabian peninsula, and still remains a major trade hub till today. A culturally hub in the region, it is the birthplace of popular Arabic musical genres such as the Sawt – a complex urban rhythm performed with a plucked lute (‘ud), a drum (mirwas) and a violin.

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Stafford Global offers students in Kuwait a selection of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral degrees that can be studied online, with some programmes supplemented with regional workshops. Kuwaiti students have full access to the academic and administrative support services by Stafford for all available courses in the country including the DBA, MBA, MSc, PGCE and other Masters degree courses.

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