IT & Risk Management Courses

Online Masters Risk Management Degrees

Risk management degrees teach the identification, evaluation and management of risks – i.e uncertainties -,  and the creation of mitigation strategies to minimise a risk’s impact on a business. In essence, risk management degrees teach the skill and ability to offset and manage the impact of unfortunate events, and even how to use these events to a business advantage. Many organisations classify risks as external or internal. External risk sources are varied and far more difficult to mitigate, such as unforeseen fluctuations in global financial markets or natural disasters. Internal risks such as project failures at key milestone stages, are easier to monitor and control but can still have serious consequences on a business

Risk Management degrees such as the Online Masters in Security & Risk Management teaches an in-depth knowledge of risk analysis & management, using theoretical models on how to assess risk, manage security and how to develop new approaches to problem solving. It also explains how and why people commit crimes. The Online Masters in Risk, Crisis & Disaster Management uses risk theory to cover an interdisciplinary analysis of the cause, extent and intended effect of a crisis or disaster.

Online Masters IT Degrees

The Online MBA in Information Systems and Governance teaches a deep understanding of the Information security framework, covering an overview of national and internationally relevant laws and regulations covering Data Protection, computer misuse and other legal issues

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