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Stafford Global is the authorised partner for the University of Northampton UK Online Learning and Part-time Degrees in Israel. Our Higher Education Consultants help potential candidates choose the ideal degree for their career goals, by explaining different aspects of each degree and its requirements. In addition, they assist students with the UK application process to secure a successful entry into the degree programme. Beyond this, administrative support is provided to allow students to completely concentrate on their academic learning. Once enrolled candidates are a student of and awarded their final degree by the University of Northampton UK. Programmes on offer include a Part-time DBA Doctorate Degree in Business Administration with UAE weekend workshops, a Part-time MBA with optional UAE weekend workshops, a UK PGCE International course and others.

About Israel

Israel or formally, the State of Israel, has archeological evidence of the earliest hominids dating 1.5 million years ago, making it one of the first migratory centres for early humans. One of the narrowest nations on earth with only 100km wide at its widest point, it has an extensively diverse geography. Israel is home to the Negev desert, the fertile Jezreel valley, the mountains of Golan, the coastal plains of Galilee and unique to the country – erosion cirques or makhteshim. A country of immigrants, multiple languages are spoken in Israel including Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic and French and nearly 130,000 Ethiopian Jews call it home. Education is highly valued by Israelis and it is one of the first known places to dictate compulsory education, organised through families and small communities, resulting in over 49% of the population having a tertiary education degree.

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