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Stafford Global offers students in Chennai, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and the rest of India a range of UK degree courses to choose from including an Online MBA with 13 specialisations. Study a UK Degree while still working and from the comfort of your home, and choose to graduate on-campus in the UK. The Online Masters degree is available in a range of subjects such as Data Science, HR, Finance, IT, Marketing, Project Management, Logistics, Tourism and more.

About India

Known for its vibrancy, colour and incredible diversity of people and cultures in a single nation, India is one of the oldest known civilisations. The worlds most populous democracy, it is known as Bharat in Hindi and the origins of its name likely comes from the ancient greek word Indoi, for the Indus river, or ‘people of the Indus’. This single country has the largest human genetic diversity, second only to the continent of Africa. Multilingual, pluralistic and multi-religious, the sheer diversity of dialects, languages and cultures in India is staggering. The country’s forests, accounting for 21% of its total size, is larger than some nations., and it is one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots.

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