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Stafford Global provides Online Learning and Distance Education degrees to students in Addis Ababa and the rest of Ethiopia. We have a large network of professional graduates from different countries, industries and cultures, which as a Stafford student you are automatically a part of. We provide administrative support to Ethiopian students, helping them choose the right UK course for their careers to ensuring their successfully application into the degree programme.

About the Ethiopia

With over 109 million citizens, Ethiopia is the most populous land-locked country in the world. Considered one of the first places modern humans lived in and then moved out of to populate the world, the country still use the ancient Ge’ez script – the oldest alphabet in the world. Once known as Abyssinia, the earliest hominid fossils Lucy and Ardi (dated 4.2 million years ago) were found in Ethiopia. With a rich culturally and history, the country also has some incredibly diverse geography varying from deserts to tropical forests.

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