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Stafford Global has been proud to provide online learning and distance education degrees to students in Cairo and Egypt for over 30 years. With a large network of industry professionals from different cultures, as a Stafford student you become a part of our global network of Alumni. Stafford offers Egyptian students a range of UK degree courses to choose from including a Part-time Doctorate degree in Business Administration, part-time MBA with optional workshops, an Online MBA and an Online Masters in a range of subjects such as Data Science, IT, HR, Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Tourism and more. A PGCE teacher training course is also available.

About Egypt

Known as Misr in Arabic, the transcontinental nation of Egypt spans Africa and Asia over the land bridge that is the Sinai Peninsula. Its ancient Egyptian name is km.t or Kemet, likely meaning ‘black land’, a reference to the fertile soil of the nile delta. Considered as a Cradle of Civilisation, Egypt’s history is long, rich and spans 4-6 millennia BC and had some of the earliest known developments of urbanisation, agriculture, writing and centralised government. The great monuments of Egypt, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the temples in the Valley of the Kings and other wonders of the ancient world are a testament to the architectural and administrative prowess of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

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