DBA & Doctorate Degrees

Professional doctorates such as a DBA – Doctor of Business Administration, is on par with a PhD in every way but with an emphasis on the practical over the academic; research methodologies are used to solve real world business challenges. While the Doctor of Philosophy – PhD is the most well known doctorate degree, it is awarded for a range of disciplines such as a PhD in business, humanities, art and the sciences etc. A DBA doctorate degree on the other hand is very focused on business and management, making it highly suited to very senior managers, directors and business professionals.

A DBA Doctorate Degree allows senior professionals to contribute new knowledge to the world of business and industry. It allows them to apply their research to a real-world business issue, formulating new solutions to solve complex problems.

A doctorate degree, also called a doctor’s or doctoral degree, traces its etymology to the latin word docere, meaning “to teach”. It is the highest academic qualification awarded by a University and confers upon the awardee the distinction that they are capable of teaching at the University level for their chosen degree field. There are a number of doctorate degrees today, some heavily academically focused while others are more professionally focused, but all being equal in level, qualification and research intensity.

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