Data Analytics & Data Science Degrees

Online Masters Data Analytics & Data Science Degrees

The Data Analytics and Data Science Masters on offer are a UK Online Masters in Data Science. These degrees teaches practical data analysis tools, techniques and applied theories, to manage the challenges of contemporary data acquisition. The Data Science degrees cover in-depth topics such as data volume and data variety management, learning to work with different data formats using cutting-edge data analytic software tools such as Weka and Tableau.

Data science Masters teach professionals scientific methods, systems, processes and algorithms to extract insights from structured and unstructured (non-defined) data. It is a combination of data analytics, statistics and more recently machine learning, to simplify complex Data in order to derive actionable knowledge from it.

Data Analytics and Data Science is the fastest growing, in-demand skill-set today as more business use machine learning and programmatic advertising to optimise their marketing. The prevalence of digital technology in every day life has led to multiple data collection points, across multiple devices. Data Science degrees help students get a handle on collecting different data sets to create coherent, insightful reports that can be used to make business decisions.

Prior understanding of Python, R, Javascript, Apache and MySQL would be beneficial for professionals intending to undertake Data Science courses on a postgraduate level.

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