Communication & Marketing Degrees

Online Masters Marketing Degrees

The Marketing degrees on offer includes AMBA accredited Part time MBA in Marketing, an Online MBA in Marketing, Online MBA in Events Management and a Masters in Marketing among other. These degrees cover sophisticated business marketing, which focuses on building long term relationships with customers. Modern marketing professionals need to devise a marketing strategy that incorporates online and offline strategies that relies upon cutting-edge knowledge about consumer behaviour and consumption practices in a rapidly changing world. Technology today means Marketing in an organisation needs to evolve as quickly as its consumer’s shifting habits, and the online marketing courses provide the necessary foundation on which this adaptation can occur.

Marketing is the management process through which goods and services move from concept to the customer. Marketing includes the activities and processes that create, communicate, deliver and exchange offerings that have value for customers, employees and society at large.

Online Masters PR & Communication Degrees

The Masters in Media and Public Relations provides communication professionals a framework for analysing the rapidly changing PR profession. Examine classic & emerging PR strategies, learn research techniques to inform Public relations effectiveness and design and manage the structural relationships between PR & the media

Public Relations, PR or Corporate Communications is a strategic function that aims to build mutually beneficial relationships between the public and the organisation. Once heavily focused only on the external stakeholder relationships, contemporary PR now often includes or separately specialises in the internal communications between the organisation and its employees.

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