About Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world based on total land and water area but despite its size, is quite sparsely populated, with only around 3.92 people/km2. Home to nearly 2,000,000 lakes, Canada contains most of the world’s fresh water, not even accounting for the water trapped in glacial ice. With 42% of the country consisting of forests, which makes up 8% of the world forest density, it  is one of very few remaining countries where the natural landscape still accounts for nearly half its size. A commonwealth country that still claims the Queen of England as its Head of State, the country is a parliamentary democracy that became ‘Canada’ in 1867, but gained complete independence from the British in 1982.

Stafford Students

Canada is a rapidly growing region for Stafford Global. The University of Dundee Master of Education with PGCE and Postgraduate Diploma entry and exit routes was introduced to the Canadian market in 2018, with an extensive online course portfolio from Edinburgh Napier University UK added in 2019. The Online portfolio from ENU includes Online MBAs, Online Master of Science degrees and Online BSc and Bachelors top-up degree programmes. Stafford Global students from Canada have the option to pay the tuition fees for all Edinburgh Napier University degrees in Canadian dollars.

Available Degree Courses