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About Bahrain

At just 780 square kilometres, the island of Bahrain is one of the smallest nations in the world and the third smallest in Asia, with its capital Manama comprising of 4% of its size. Becoming independent in 1970, in 2002 the country became a constitutional monarchy and is now officially known as the Kingdom of Bahrain. The word Bahrain means between ‘two seas’ although there has been debate about which directional side of the island seas is referred to in its name. Its only ‘land-border’ is a 25 kilometre causeway built to connect it to Saudi Arabia.

Stafford Students

Stafford Global has provided administrative and academic guidance to Bahraini students for over 25 years, helping them earn a UK Masters degree such as an MBA, without them needing to leave work. MBA courses are available as Online MBA and as Part-time MBA. Today students from Bahrain have access to an extensive portfolio of university degree courses covering subjects such as IT, Data Analytics, HR, Banking, Education, Project Management, Tourism and more. A DBA doctorate degree is also available.

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