Teacher Test: Teacher training

The Teacher Test: 5 reasons to become a Teacher

Thinking of becoming a Teacher but unsure if it’s the right fit? We’ve identified the 5 key reasons people choose a Teaching career, so you can evaluate if they resonate with you.


Teacher Test 1: Make a Difference

Ask any Teacher and making a difference is the number one reason they started Teaching, or choose to remain in the Education industry. It isn’t just that Teaching makes a difference, it’s that Teaching makes a visible difference in the life of a student. Your direct efforts not only help a student progress academically, but also develop them emotionally and psychologically to become the best versions of themselves. Enhance creativity, expand perceptions and find an individual’s potential – that’s Teaching in a nutshell.


Teacher Test 2: Love what you Teach

A study by the Sutton Trust[1] discovered that a teacher’s knowledge on a subject – and their ability to effectively communicate it to their students – had a significant impact on both Teaching quality and job fulfilment. Self-education is a large facet of this role, so teachers need to keep current on the latest advancements, breakthroughs and their real-world implications. This retains interest and continued investment in the subject taught. For example, what if a student asks ‘Is Pluto still considered a planet?’.


Teacher Test 3: It’s always a New Day

No two days in Education are ever the same and as a result Teaching will never be boring. Each child is a complex bundle of emotions, behavioural shifts and rapidly fluctuating outlooks, meaning that even if the curriculum is standardised, a child’s response to it can vary widely. Many teachers revel in the variety this brings to their working life and if you are someone who’s easily bored, Teaching is the ideal career for you. 


Teacher Test 4: Learn as you go

A student’s ‘Lightbulb’ moment is highly cherished by Teachers as it’s definitive proof of having accomplished the goal of imparting an education. However, the ‘Lightbulb’ isn’t exclusive to students, with many Teachers stating that they have also experienced it over the course of their Teaching career. One thing is certainly true and that is educators learn just as much from a student as a student learns from a Teacher.


Teacher Test 5: It’s Fun!

‘It’s Fun!’ isn’t a claim many professionals make about their job but quite a few Teachers do! Teachers are often allowed a lot of creativity in their teaching approaches, being able to try new teaching techniques and practices in their classroom. This flexibility, creative problem solving and ability to try new things keeps Teaching a fun and interesting job.


If you passed the Teacher test, what’s the next step?

Most schools and local regulations require a Teacher to have a qualification or degree before they are allowed to Teach. Even experienced Teachers often choose to pursue a Teacher training course or a Masters in education degree to expose them to a wider world of educational practices that they can then apply to a classroom.

If you’re looking to Teach, or are an experienced Teacher wanting to further your Education, we offer several UK Teaching & Education courses;


  1. University of Dundee Master of Education – PG Cert & PG Dip entry and exit routes]
  2. University of Nottingham PGCE (i) – Postgraduate Certificate of Education (International)
  3. University of Leicester Master of Arts in Education

If you’d prefer to receive further guidance on choosing the right UK Teaching course that suits your needs and teaching style, speak to a Higher Education consultant


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