Introverts and Social Networking: Tips to Cope

Introverts and Social Networking: Tips to Cope

Introversion is a personality trait characterised by a preference for solitude and more limited social interactions. People who are introverts tend to be more reserved and reflective before deciding on a course of action. The draw their energy in moments of calm and solitude. They can find social situations exhausting and prefer quieter environments to recharge their batteries.

Tips for introverts to better handle networking stress

1. Prepare yourselves in advance

Before you go to a networking event, take the time to find out about the people present, the topics of discussion and the objectives that you wish reach. This will make you better prepared and feel more comfortable.

2. Set realistic goals

Instead of wanting to talk to everyone and be the center of attention, set more modest and realistic goals. For example, set the objective of speaking to three new people or ask open-ended questions to your interlocutors.

3. Use your introvert strengths

As an introvert, you have probably skills such as attentive listening, observation and reflection. Use these strengths to stand out in interactions and create authentic connections with others.

4. Take breaks if necessary

If you feel overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of the event, don’t hesitate to take regular breaks to resource yourself. Find a calm place calm where you will be able to relax and you recenter yourself before getting back into the networking game.

5. Find events adapted to your style

Look for networking events that match your style and interests. For example, smaller, more informal events can be easier for introverts to manage than large events.

Ultimately, it’s important to remember that introversion is not a handicap in the world of networking. Eventually, your more thoughtful and authentic approach can even be an asset in creating strong and lasting relationships with others. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and assert yourself in these situations, while taking care for your wellbeing and respecting your boundaries.


Online learning platforms can provide a safer place for introverts to interact and network. They tend to thrive in online debates and are achieving better than average grades on online MBAs and other master’s degrees. Introverts should consider these less stressful alternatives to networking to gain recognition and career promotions. Life is too short, so do not make harder for yourself.

Written by Philippe Riewer,

GROUP CFO, Stafford Global

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