MBA Top up Diploma to degree

What is an MBA Top up or Diploma to Degree course?

An MBA Top up degree, also known as a Diploma to Degree, allows professionals to finish the last 60 credits of a Master of Business Administration, thereby earning a full MBA at the completion of the course. Quite often individuals who have started an MBA degree may have been unable to complete it due to circumstances. In such cases, an MBA top up course allows candidates who have earned a 120 credits to gain a full MBA by completing the remaining 60 credits required.

An MBA degree has always been the most sought after qualification in the world of business and busy professionals across the world study it for a number of reasons including career advancement, higher salary or to learn the necessary skills required to run a start up. Various industries across the globe now require candidates to hold postgraduate qualifications to join the ever increasing demands of a highly competitive workforce. As a result many professionals choose to pursue an MBA, but are not always able to graduate or complete the degree due to unmitigated circumstances. Programmes such as the University of Northampton Online MBA Top-up degree allow such candidates to earn a full UK Master of Business Administration degree in just 9 months, without the need to redo a 180 credit programme. Given it’s online learning approach (although optional face-to-face workshops are available), students can even pursue this course without having to leave work, or sacrifice personal commitments.

The University of Northampton MBA top up course consists of 2 modules- Critical Issues in Business (10 credits) and Business Research Project (50 credits), making up for the rest of the 60 credits that can be studied online. The degree awarded to students is the same as a full UK Master of Business Administration degree and holds the same value. Students even have the same opportunity to graduate at the University campus, much like their full-time counterparts.

The Diploma to Degree course is open to candidates with a postgraduate certificate in business from different universities and countries. Candidates holding any of the following degrees will be eligible for the programme.


  • Diploma in Management Studies from a British University (120 credits at Level 7/PG)
  • Edexcel Extended Diploma in Strategic Management (120 credits at Level 7/PG)
  • ATHE Diploma in Strategic Management (120 credits at Level 7/PG)
  • Association of Business Executives (ABE) PG Diploma in Business Management (120 credits at Level 7/PG)
  • NCC Education PG Diploma in Business Management (120 credits at Level 7/PG)



For more information on the University of Northampton, what an MBA Top-up Degree entails in more detail, or your eligibility for the course, please contact a Higher Education Consultant.

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