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What’s the difference between an MBA in Marketing vs an Online Masters in Marketing?

What is Marketing?

Marketing refers to all the activities an organisation undertakes to promote a good, service or product to another organisation, or directly to an individual. It encompasses all aspects that influence this process and what is being marketed; price, location, sales process, communication channels, supply chain, location, messaging etc.

Over time, Marketing focus has shifted importance away from traditional marketing such as billboards, television advertising, print advertising etc., to digital marketing such as Search Engine Marketing [SEM], Social Media Marketing [SMM] and other channels that reach the target when they are online. The constant shift in the subject


What is an MBA in Marketing?

An Online MBA in Marketing or an MBA in Marketing encompasses more than just subjects on marketing. It also covers the fundamental elements and functions needed to manage and operate a business. Subjects such as Finance, Operations, Human Resources etc. are a significant part of the degree modules. Candidates then select optional modules relating to marketing only topics in order to specialise their MBA.

This Marketing degree is suited for professionals with 4-6 years of experience who have worked at least two of them in a managerial or supervisory capacity. Marketers who want to gain a more holistic perspective on business, outside the scope of their current responsibilities should pursue this option.

An MBA in Marketing is much better suited to those who wish to open up their own business or Marketing agency, as it teaches them the necessities on how to run one. Additionally, this degree is recommended for professionals looking to diversify into broader management positions such as Managing Directors, CEOs or General Managers.


What is an Online Masters in Marketing?

An Masters in Marketing is significantly more specialised and concentrated in only teaching marketing topics, with far less emphasis on business modules not directly related. It is an in-depth, comprehensive degree designed to teach candidates comprehensive technical, practical and theoretical skills in branding, communications and marketing. Optional modules offer a further specialisation within marketing such as branding, pr, strategy etc.

Unlike an MBA, minimal to no prior work experience is required to pursue an Online Masters in Marketing, making it accessible to fresh graduates and junior professionals who wish to accelerate their career in this field. An undergraduate degree is however a necessary requirement to study the Online Masters in Marketing.

Candidates who opt to study this course have very defined career aspirations and are often quite passionate about this function. They tend to pursue roles such as Director of Marketing, CMO, Head of Department etc.

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