Difference between an Online MBA and a Part-Time MBA

Differences between an Online MBA and a Part-time MBA

With the growing interest in the MBA and a move away from the on-campus MBA, a frequently asked question today is what is the difference between an Online MBA course and a Part-time MBA? This article outlines several key differences and what to consider when choosing between them.


Online MBA vs Part-time MBA #1: Face-to-Face

The single biggest difference between an Online MBA and a Part-time MBA is the face-to-face component. A Part-time MBA was traditionally designed for the working professional as an alternative to the full-time option, which required ceasing employment. As a result, it incorporates classes in the evenings or fewer classes during the day as part of the programme. An Online MBA course on the other hand is taught 100% online using a combination of live discussions or pre-recorded lectures.

Which MBA should you pick?

This comes down to an individual’s preferred way to learn. Some people require human interaction and structure to better understand theories and concepts, whereas others – especially younger professionals – are more comfortable learning through a process of discovery. The latter study preference has become more prevalent with the rise of YouTube and its plethora of video tutorials on any topic conceivable.


Online MBA vs Part-time MBA #2: Flexibility

While both MBA courses offer flexibility, the face-to-face classes in a Part-time MBA means that professionals need to schedule around them, making it more difficult to juggle work and life commitments. An Online MBA however allows professionals to access study materials 24/7 from anywhere in the world, so the programme works around a personal schedule instead of the other way around.

Which MBA should you pick?

A Part-time MBA is more suited to working professionals that have regular work deadlines which are highly-structured and consistent. However, for professionals with strong demands on their time, especially those in more senior positions, the Online MBA allows for total freedom of study.


Online MBA vs Part-time MBA #3: Goal Management

The advantage of face-to-face classes is that its regularity, coupled with the knowledge that a professor is physically present to supervise, acts as the necessary motivation for professionals to ensure they stay on top of their study goals. An Online MBA course on the other hand teaches self-reliance and self-determination as setting deadlines and goals is entirely dependent on the student. While students studying entirely online do have access to personal tutors during the course of their study, apart from assignment deadlines, it is up to the student to take the initiative in determining how and when they wish to tackle a subject.

Which MBA should you pick?

An Online MBA course is more suited to those who revel in pushing themselves, and are comfortable being able to manage and organise goals. For those that require an occasional nudge to complete a task, the Part-time MBA is the better choice.



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Differences between an Online MBA and a Part-time MBA
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