5 Performance Management Pillars for HR Managers

5 Performance Management Pillars for HR Managers

Performance Management is a Strategic HR skill that plays an important role in encouraging employees to give their best to an organisation, while also being their best selves. One HR strategy is to create core ‘Pillars’ around which to measure employee and organisational performance. This allows HR Managers to quickly identify which ‘Pillar’ they need to focus more time and resources on in the near future.

For each Performance Management pillar, this article lists three pivotal questions an HR manager should ask employees to determine where changes can be made on an organisational, departmental or individual level to improve employee satisfaction and performance.


Performance Management Pillar #1: Employee-Manager Relationship


  • How transparent is the management team with their decisions?
  • Can you approach your manager or leaders for assistance without reproach or restriction?
  • Can you provide feedback to your manager/management without fear of retaliation?


Performance Management Pillar #2: Workplace Culture


  • How open is the workplace to change?
  • Is your feedback valued and actioned when possible?
  • Do you like and enjoy the organisation’s culture?


Performance Management Pillar #3: Team Dynamics


  • Do you feel that work is equally distributed among all members in a team?
  • Is the office free of cliques? i.e, are people open to welcoming new team members?
  • Can you connect with co-workers on a personal and professional level?


Performance Management Pillar #4: Self-Actualisation


  • Does your work motivate you?
  • Is there anything new you would wish to learn for your own personal or professional growth?
  • What’s the one objective you would like to accomplish in the year?


Performance Management Pillar #5: Job Satisfaction


  • Do you have all the tools needed to do your Job well?
  • Do you feel like all your skills and abilities are sufficiently utilised in your current role?
  • Is there something more you wish to accomplish in your current role or career?

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