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10 HR Apps that every HR Professional or HR Student should have.

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We have gathered a list of 10 HR apps that both Human Resource students or Human Resource professionals would find useful. In the digital age, you need a number of learning tools that can help you achieve your academic and career goals. Whether it is finding the right networks, making use of learning resources, teaming up for group projects or managing your study time, there is an app for everything to help you stay productive.


HR App 1: LinkedIn

This is a must-have HR app for every professional, not just someone in the HR field. You can find and connect with your colleagues, companies, professors and classmates etc. There are also recruiters and industry specialists whom you can connect with and create your business network for better career opportunities. Building a strong LinkedIn profile is the key to get noticed as it helps companies match your skills and experience with the job position. You may even find your potential employer through a connection made on the website. This app also provides you with excellent networking opportunities whilst connecting you with a vast pool of professionals and information on various topics. It is free to sign up with costs for premium packages if you are willing to invest further to stand out.


HR App 2: Human Resource Magazine SHRM

HR Magazine is a world-renowned periodical for HR specialists under the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). It includes topics like business, law and management practices associated with HR, authored by pioneers in the field. This contemporary findings and perspectives of experts will help you stay up-to-date and contribute to your discussions and assignments. The magazine is issued ten times in a year and provides the same content in both the app and the print version, along with videos, daily news feed and other improved features in the mobile app. Available both on Android and iOS, the annual subscription costs $34.99 or you can buy a single issue worth $2.99.


HR App 3: Quizlet

This app is a great resource to learn concepts related to any topic through flashcards uploaded by users, with the option for you to create your own set. It covers an abundance of Human Resource related topics with creative tests and quizzes, available on both Android and iOS. While there are many resources available for free, the premium version starts from $11.99 per year.


HR App 4: HR Management App

This is another informative app for not just students but professionals in the HR industry.This free app includes all the latest news on innovations in Human Resource, emerging strategies, practices of leaders, and key insights about various HR sectors. You can find learning material on every topic from recruitment, training, leadership, HR laws to compensation and benefits. Other exclusive content includes videos, podcasts, blogs and job postings for selected countries. It is available on both Android and iOS.


HR App 5: Trello

Trello is a well-known project management tool used by many HR specialists and can be of use great for your group assessments during the program. You can add team members and delegate the tasks, set deadlines and keep track of them. The easy-to-use visual features allow users to create boards and bulletins for every project with team members. The team can comment, add agendas, allocate tasks, keeping everyone informed on the progress, awaiting feedbacks, and upcoming tasks. You can use it on the web or download as an app on Android or iOS. It is free to sign up with the basic features, but the premium version costs $9.99 monthly per member.


HR App 6: Google Drive/ Google Docs

You most likely already have these apps on your phone through your Gmail account. It is a great tool for storing heaving files and assignments with its cloud-based system. It is best for group project especially if you are studying through distance learning. You can create, share and edit files with your group members online. It is easier to upload from phone, save and view files offline and manage easily on the go.


HR App 7: Coggle

Another collaborative app for group projects, Coggle is a creative platform that understands the complexity of teamwork. It provides a canvas to brainstorm and share ideas by creating mind maps easily through visual designs. Designs can be edited by collaborators which show up in real-time. You can easily use it on the web or download it as an app by logging in through your Google account.


HR App 8: Rescue Time

If you have a busy schedule and still tend to get distracted by social media and other applications, this app will help you stay on track and productive. The technology helps you save time by monitoring your activities and calculating the time spent on the apps. The report then shows the hours spent on different categories like – News, Social Media, and Entertainment etc. So you basically get an exact depiction of your day to set goals, work on them, and review your performance. This will definitely help you through your course and maintain a healthy work-life balance. It has both a free and premium version and is available on both PC and mobile apps through Android and iOS.


HR App 9: Law Dictionary and Guide

Law is closely related to Human Resources and there are many legal concepts you may come across while studying your HR program. This app includes a dictionary and abbreviations for all legal terms and guidance for various law-related concepts through articles, FQA’s and in-app question options. The app for available for free and you can also use the dictionary offline. Although it is the only iOS for now, there are many replacement apps you can find on android to get the same content.


HR App 10: Microsoft To Do

With so much to do in your busy day, you definitely need a to-do list. Previously known as WunderList and now called Microsoft To-Do, this is an effective tool for you to ace all your tasks by not just creating an endless list, but also set reminders, deadlines, and the ability to share and delegate tasks to your team members. The sync lets others know the tasks you have completed.

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