Online Project Management Courses

What’s taught in Online Project Management Courses?

What is Project Management?

A Project is a unique endeavour with a distinct start and end date, undertaken to achieve a specific goal. Project Management is the process of applying knowledge and skills to execute a project plan, in order to successfully deliver on the required criteria, within budget and on deadline. This is accomplished by both controlling and optimising resources, as well as conducting feasibility assessments to ensure the project scope is within reason.

What Academic Project Management Courses are available?

What Project Management Certifications are available?

What’s the difference between Academic Project Management Courses vs Certifications?

A Project Management degree is an academic qualification awarded by a university, that could take 1-2 years to earn. It can be either an undergraduate qualification or a postgraduate, masters degree in the subject. Once conferred it is a lifetime award. These degrees would often also include subjects related to Project management such as Finance or Operations. Often exams are not required in order to earn this degree.

Project Management certifications are specialised, short-term courses. They are awarded by organisations related to Project Management and do not count as an academic degree. Many certifications also require periodic renewal of the certificate every few years, either by retaking the exam or attending conferences that award CPD [Continuing Professional Development] credits. Almost all certifications require taking an exam in order to be certified, with some requiring a minimum number of hours in the field to qualify.

What’s taught in an Academic Project Management Course?

An Online MBA in Project Management course covers core business topics such as Finance and Marketing in addition to modules entirely dedicated to project management. The objective of this degree is to equip project managers with the skills to balance external and internal stakeholders needs such as clients, employees, peers, suppliers and agencies.. The dedicated topic modules cover practical and theoretical project management tools, providing a framework that can be used to improve decision-making.

Modules such as Finance help teach skills that can correspond to how to manage project budgets. HR modules teaches negotiation, conflict resolution and personnel mangement skills. Strategic decision making teaches skills relating to planning, organising and forecasting.

What’s taught in an Project Management Certification course?

These courses are varied in what they teach but almost all fo them entirely focus on just project management, instead of a balance between other business kills. They teach specific processes, methodologies, frameworks and technical skills related to project management. Limited time is dedicated to the broader business skills.

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