What is a Masters in Engineering Management Degree?

What is a Masters in Engineering Management Degree

A Masters in Engineering Management degree is a postgraduate academic degree that covers topics such as project management, finance, organisational management, supply chain management, logistics and more. It’s suited for individuals looking at moving into supervisory, administrative or management roles in an engineering capacity or at an engineering firm.

What is Engineering Management?

Engineering management is the application of management techniques and theories to engineering processes and practices. This role of an Engineering Manager is to meld together the management strengths of planning, organisation and administrative abilities to better manage complex operational processes in order to maximise performance, with the technological skills of problem-solving and efficiency optimisation of an engineer.

How is Engineering Management applied?

  • Technology Management– Identify and implement new technologies that increase production quality, lower costs, streamline operational engineering processes etc.
  • Management Science – Enact management decisions backed by scientific, research-based strategies such as numerical algorithms, statistics, mathematical modeling and more, for near optimal solutions to complex engineering issues.
  • Operations & Supply Chain Management – Design operational production processes, business operation practices and supply chain operations network that improve efficiencies by providing greater degrees of control.

What is a Masters in Engineering Management Degree?

The Master of Science in Engineering Management degree is designed to teach advanced skills in Engineering Management, with a heavy emphasis on practical, industrial-focused application. The degree covers core management principles that teach professionals how to critically analyse and oversee projects, processes and enterprise systems, through building strategic thinking skills and leadership skills over the course of the programme. Learn;

  • Project management techniques such as Prince 2, Agile and ITIL
  • Lean processes to improve efficiencies through waste elimination
  • How philosophies, values, cultures and measures impact performance
  • To strategically implement best practices in engineering organisations
  • Logistical relationships of the Supply Chain Network to overcome challenges related to purchasing
  • Designing quality improvements from a technical, operational and financial perspective
  • Leadership skill to successful manage technical and administrative teams

Who can study a Masters in Engineering Management Degree?

This degree is suited for professionals with a technical background in Technology, Software Development or Engineering. Most universities will require a Bachelors degree in engineering or a related STEM subject such as Mathematics, Science, Technology, Manufacturing etc., in order to apply for this course.

Interested in learning more? View the University of Hull Online Masters in Engineering Management Degree, or Speak to a Higher Education Consultant.

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