Top 10 reasons to choose a DBA vs a PhD in Business Management

Top 10 reasons to choose a DBA vs a PhD in Business Management

The ultimate education goal for many people is to study a PhD and earn the title of “Doctor”. A Doctor of Philosophy degree is aimed at those who wish to pursue an academic career path such as becoming a lecturer, or for someone who wishes to specialise in public or private research institutes. But what if you are a Business or Management professional that wants to enhance their existing knowledge, explore important industry questions and create solutions to real-world business issues? In this case, the DBA – Doctor of Business Administration – is the ideal degree programme. Equivalent in education level to the PhD, a DBA indicates that you possess the skills and knowledge to not just be proficient in your job and industry, but the ability to create and contribute new knowledge to the Global Business world.

The top 10 reasons why a Distance Learning or Part Time DBA is better for a Business Professional that a PhD in Business Management is;


  1. A DBA stresses management work experience over education, compared to a PhD
  2. A Doctor of Business administration doctorate degree can rapidly accelerate career growth, especially for senior and executive management roles.
  3. A DBA graduate contributes new knowledge to the Business world with immediate, real-world applications
  4. A DBA places a stronger emphasis on business and skills that are practical and highly relevant to your career path in Business or Management
  5. A DBA is still a Doctorate in every sense of the word, including earning the title of ‘Doctor’, but it teaches more everyday skills that can be immediately applied to benefit an organisation.
  6. The DBA’s business heavy component opens up multiple career options, not just positions as a lecturer or researcher
  7. There is a high demand in particular industries for people with a DBA, as it trains Business & Management Professionals to innovate, think laterally and problem-solve
  8. Corporations or Government entities that hire candidates who have studied a business doctorate degree tend to pay them very well due to the skill level they bring to the job
  9. A Distance Learning Part time DBA allows professionals to balance their professional, personal and study commitments very effectively, allowing the degree to be learnt while still working
  10. The University of Northampton Part-time DBA workshops are an incredible opportunity to liaise with senior managers and decision makers, expanding your business network globally

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Reasons to choose a DBA vs PhD
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