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10 Reasons Online Learning in Education should be the new normal

Covid-19 has expedited change in the education landscape; accelerating the adoption of internet technology as a teaching medium both in a classroom and university setting. While the world may return to a semblance of its former self, this rapid shift to distance learning as a necessity has highlighted the value technology and Online Learning in Education adds to Teaching. It’s very likely with the increased exposure to the flexibility Online Learning offers, it will become even more integrated into daily education, and soon become the new normal.


We’ve listed out 10 reasons Online Learning in Education adds value


  1. Future careers are going to become more dependent on technology. The earlier the integration into an educational pathway, the easier it is for these skills to become native to students.
  2. Technology integration in the classroom provides a variety of learning styles. Everyone learns differently and Online Learning in Education allows teachers to design learning materials that can be conducive for different learning styles.
  3. Students interact with peers more often with the help of technology. Shyer students often feel more comfortable expressing themselves in chats and forums vs in face-to-face classrooms. This allows them to interact with the peers more frequently, and contribute more to the classroom.
  4. Teachers are able to prep their students in different ways. Educators can use multiple choice quizzes, discussion boards, forums, short videos and other elements to help students better prepare for exams, dissertations and written assignments.
  5. Students are more engaged with the learning materials. For the youngest members of our society, and all subsequent generations, technology is a default in their lives, and one they rely heavily one. Incorporating digital elements into the teaching plan can students engage with them on a level they easily understand.
  6. The classroom is a happier, more exciting place. Online Learning in Education can be fun. The wealth of tools, apps and platforms available for educators and teachers is staggering, and it gives them the ability to enhance their educational practices by introducing new concepts and materials that can make learning more fun.
  7. Mobile education becomes closer to reality. Not all students can afford the hardware or textbooks mandated as a necessary by educational institutions, some of them only have access to technology via their mobile phones. Digital platforms allows key snippets of information to be consumable regardless of the economic means of a student.
  8. Both traditional and progressive means of learning can co-exist. An integration of the two allows for the best possible outcome, it doesn’t have to be just one or the other study mode.
  9. Students become more responsible as technology requires them to work on their own. One thing Distance Education and Online Learning does is push students to become more self-disciplined and self-motivated in order to complete their class, course or degree. This is a valuable skill that translates well in the workplace, and life in general.
  10. Digital textbooks are not only more convenient but cuts down on harming the environment. Learning while saving the planet, what more needs to be said!


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