Top 5 Reasons Teachers Study a PGCE Course

Top 5 Reasons Teachers Study a PGCE Course

What’s a PGCE course ?

The Postgraduate Certificate in Education (International) or PGCEi, is a higher education, teacher training course that equips graduate students to become teachers, and is taught via workshops. The courses offered by Stafford Global are academic qualifications and are not a certified teaching qualification.


Looking to Study a PGCE?

The prestigious and internationally acclaimed University of Nottingham PGCE (International) course is one of the best in the world. It combines the flexibility of online learning, with 2 face-to-face teaching workshops in the UAE, hosted by fly-in University of Nottingham faculty.

The University of Dundee Masters of Education programme also offers a PGCE and PG Dip entry and exit route for its Masters programme.


Why study a PGCE?


  1. The PGCE course will improve your ability to adapt to different classrooms, teaching environments and educational cultures, opening up employment prospects on a global scale
  2. A PGCE degree develops a strong understanding of best practices in Teaching & Education globally, and these skills can be applied immediately in your own classroom
  3. The PGCE lays the groundwork for Teachers wishing to attain a Masters in Education or a Masters in Teaching, with it being equivalent to 60 credits
  4. The PGCE (international) is a popular postgraduate degree for teacher training in the UK, but it’s also recognised worldwide, and can be done without leaving work
  5. The Distance Learning PGCE (International) can be completed in just 9 months with only 2 workshops, meaning there is minimal and no long-term disruption to schedules

For more information on all the UK Teaching and Education courses on offer, or to check if you are eligible to apply for a PGCE course, please speak to a Higher Education consultant 

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