Best Teaching Apps for Teachers

The Best Free Teaching Apps for Teachers

Teaching Apps #1: Book Creator

Book creator allows both teachers and students to combine audio, video, text and images to create;


  • Interactive Stories
  • Research Journals
  • Science Reports
  • Comic Adventures
  • Digital Portfolios

Book Creator is a free teaching app for individual accounts, but paid options are also available.

Teaching Apps #2: Quizizz

Quizizz lets Teachers create unique quizzes for their students to learn from, either from scratch or by mixing and matching from a database of quizzes by other educators.

Students take these quizzes anywhere they are, making it ideal for distance learning. Teachers can create quizzes to help as exam preparation, or ones designed to help simplify complex theories and so much more. This allows students to interact and engage with their learning material.

Quizzizz is available for free.


Teaching Apps #3: TED

TED houses an extensive collection of talks, lectures and sessions from experts in their field. Teachers can use it as a resource guide to supplement their teaching materials with important and up-to-date insights from leaders in a specific subject.

For example, when teaching History, talks by anthropologists , socialists, historians and more can bring to life the people and culture of an age in more vivid detail. Teacher can also use TED as a resource guide to update their knowledge on a topic with the latest research findings, making education current.

Resources are freely available to all individuals.



Teaching Apps #4: Brainscape Flashcards

Brainscape lets both teachers and students create their own flashcards, or find already created flashcards that can be used to help them study. Brainscape flashcards are currently freely available.

Flashcards are small notecards that have words, definitions or concepts written on them that help students enhance their memory retrieval processes. Flashcards are usually double-sided, with one have the word/term and the side the corresponding answer.

Digital flashcards have grown in popularity, as they can be used during commute, outside or anywhere without the need to carry a stack of them on each subject.

Teaching Apps #5: Epic Digital Library

The Epic Digital Library is currently free for all Teachers and Librarians. It houses over 40,000 videos, books and audiobooks on a variety of subjects, topics and genres. It’s aimed to help children improve their reading skills both in range and in strength, and foster a love of reading and learning at an early age.

Teachers can use the Epic library to;

  • Personalise each student’s daily readings
  • Organise and bring lessons to life
  • Track student reading progress easily



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