Online Learning Teaching Strategies for Teachers

3 Online Learning Teaching Strategies for Teachers

Online Learning or Distance Learning is going to remain an important element of Teaching and Education in a post Covid-19 world. This method of teaching however brings with it significant challenges to the student-teacher relationship, and teaching practices. Many aspects of learning that is easily executed in a physical classroom with face-to-face interactions do not translate to Online Learning.

This article covers 3 key Online Learning Teaching Strategies that Teachers, Educators and Instructors can implement with Distance Learning.


Online Learning Teaching Strategies #1: Student Content Creation

It has been many years since Social Media moved from being regaled as a fad to becoming a part of everyday life. Kids are joining social media platforms at a progressively younger age, and becoming more comfortable with consuming and creating online content. This familiarity can be used to a teacher’s advantage by incorporating content creation elements into their online learning teaching strategy.

Distance Learning Teachers should assign tasks that require students to create digital content as a means of communicating what they learnt. For example, powerpoint presentations on a chosen topic, or a 2 minute video or podcast explaining a concept, book or article in their own way. Assigned as a collaborative task, students can learn to work together while still being able to express themselves individually. The added value of this online learning teaching strategy is that sometimes a student can explain a concept or idea in a way that is more easily understood by other students.


Online Learning Teaching Strategies #2: Bridge the what and why disconnect

One of the biggest challenges to teaching students through distance learning is the disconnect between what they are taught and knowing why they are taught that. Distance Learning Teachers must break down learning outcomes into smaller milestones and tie them to the lessons or tasks assigned. This will allow students to track their growth and progress, giving them a sense of accomplishment. This is necessary as with teaching online, it is hard to give individual students attention and praise, which is a vital teaching strategy that helps keep students motivated. This online learning teaching strategy also gives them a learning pathway that can help them plan for upcoming work, letting them choose to focus on concepts that they may struggle with.


Online Learning Teaching Strategies #3: Tie learning to current events

The advantage of teaching online or via distance learning is the ability to interlink content that can be immediately accessed. This is a useful online learning teaching tool as teachers can tie what is being taught to current events, or relevant content. For example, when learning historical events, teachers can link to videos or articles that discuss the repercussions of those actions and decisions in today’s world. For Math, teachers can link to projects or events that show the practical applications of a math formula or math theory – such as the Mars missions. This enriches study and makes distance learning more interactive and enjoyable.


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