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4 best jobs after doing an online Masters in Data Science

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Data Scientists or Data Analysts are professionals with an aptitude for mathematics and statistical analysis who collect and interpret large amounts of data in order to identify business trends, opportunities and threats. Often holding a degree in computer technology, Data scientists are employed in organisations that use data to drive business.

As the Data Analytics profession experiences a rapid demand growth, companies of every scale are actively pursuing candidates with degrees in Data Science. Some of the best UK universities have identified the skill gap that is currently evident in the business analytics industry and are offering online Masters in Data Science courses to help professionals upgrade their data skills. Job roles that are experiencing intense demand in the data analytics industry are listed below.


1. Data Architects


  • Data architects create solutions and models that define how data is collated, developed, consumed, managed and integrated with other systems. Organising systems and solutions to ensure efficient and smooth workflow function is a paramount responsibility of Data Architects. A degree in data science along with a background in SQL, Oracle and MIS is pertinent for this role.


2. Business Intelligence Analyst or BI Analyst


  • Business Intelligence Analysts develop blueprints and procedures that analyse and report data to aid in company decision making.  Business Intelligence Analysts are required to source the most accurate data to feed into BI reports and often within a short span. The end goal is to use the data help companies formulate an effective business strategy. A degree in data science along with a background in SQL, Cognos or similar technologies will be beneficial.


3. Data Engineers


  • Data Engineers are professionals who develop tools and techniques to analyse large data sets and break it down to readable formats for data scientists. Data Engineers conduct batch analysis by dividing and analysing data sets and transfer them to data scientists and data analysts to derive conclusions. While large corporations have in-house Data Engineers, smaller companies often hire them as independent contractors or on a project basis, allowing for a job role with a lot of flexibility. A degree in data science along with a background in SQL, Python or similar coding technologies will be beneficial.


4. Data Scientists / Data Analysts


  • Senior Data Scientists or Data Analysts identify business needs, threats and opportunities by sourcing and analysing data to drive business growth and expansion in specific markets. Data Scientists and Data Analysts are capable of using data to problem solve, identify areas of optimisation, increase Marketing ROI and much more. A degree in Data science will be pertinent to identify the most suitable statistical analysis that can be applied to derive business solutions.


Career Outlook for Data Scientists

According to payscale.com, data scientists enjoy an annual income of at least USD 60,000 and above and the role is expected experience an average annual growth of 9% each year (BLS, 2018). Some of the big companies hiring data scientists include Facebook, Apple, IBM and Paypal while small and medium sized companies are also actively seeking data scientists to fill the required roles (Poojary, 2019).


Education background of Data Analysts

Launching a successful career in the field of data science and business analytics requires professionals to hold a university degree in data science. The Edinburgh Napier University UK offers an Online Masters in Data Science degree which can be studied entirely online and can be completed within 22 months. With modules focused on topics such as Data Wrangling, Data Analytics and Data Driven Decision Making, students can expect to learn hard skills in managing and developing data to turn it into a competitive advantage for their companies and for their own professional development.


If you are a candidate seeking admission into our UK Online Masters in Data Science programme, speak to a Stafford Higher Education Consultant to help you successfully apply to this programme.



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