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Stafford Global is a Higher Education Consulting firm that recruits students in the Middle East, Levant, Africa, Europe, Canada and India for some of the top Universities in the world. We are open to potential partnerships from Universities or Academic Institutions with a portfolio of distance learning or online courses.

Why partner with Stafford Global

  • Experience: Highly experienced Higher Education Consultants with decades of cumulative expertise in recruiting and guiding students through the UK University application process
  • Global Scalability: Scalable operational infrastructure to cater for global programme outreach in multiple markets simultaneously
  • Reliability: Stafford Global was one of the first providers of UK distance learning programmes to the Middle East over 25 years ago. Today, we are one of the largest and most trusted, with five UK university partners, over 2,000 active students across four continents, studying in more than 55 UK degree programmes of all levels.
  • Market Accessibility: We help Universities reach students in difficult to penetrate markets through distinctive and comprehensive marketing strategies for each degree programme, created and fully executed by the Stafford Global team.

Partnership Benefits

Stafford Global does not consider itself a typical University agent that recruits a small number of students to a large number of universities. But rather a high-volume, long-term Partner to a select number of Universities that each contribute a distinctive part to the Stafford Global degree programme portfolio. We have represented the University of Leicester for over 20 years, and have nearly a decade long partnership with our other UK Universities.

The range of services we offer our partners are;

  • Marketing: A dedicated digital marketing team is responsible for both lead generation, market entry strategy planning and increasing brand awareness of our partner UK Universities.
  • Student recruitment: We actively reach out to new students to place them in the degree programme of our partner university, handling the entire lead processing cycle from initial interest to application and registration
  • Student & Academic support: We work in partnership with our universities to run residential workshops and aid students when needed to ensure a smooth journey until graduation.
  • Tuition Fee Collection: Stafford Global has a dedicated accounting and finance team especially adept at collecting fees from students in both mature and emerging markets; all underpinned by highly respected academics.

For more information, contact our Managing Director, Professor Timothy Campbell, at info@staffordglobal.org

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