Partner with us:

Stafford Associates (SA) welcomes expressions of interest about potential partnerships from Universities or other organization’s that can provide mutually beneficial outcomes.

Why partner with us?

  • Highly experienced team members and consultants with 30 years of cumulative experience in recruiting students.
  • Operations are scalable to cater for global ambitions.

SA was the first provider of UK distance learning programmes to the Middle East 25 years ago. Today, we are one of the largest and most trusted. We have five UK university partners and over 2,000 active students, predominantly from the Middle East and Africa, across more than 60 programmes.

SA does not consider itself a typical University agent that recruits a small number of students to a large number of universities. But rather a high-volume, long-term Partner (for example SA has been representing University of Leicester since 1995) to a select number of Universities that each contribute a distinctive part of the SA portfolio.

What can SA offer?

SA provides a full range of services including marketing (lead generation), lead processing (student recruitment), fee collection, and academic support.

We have our own marketing company with a dedicated digital marketing team; academic consultants with a wealth of experience in recruiting students for our UK universities; an accounting and finance team especially adept at collecting fees from students in the Middle East and Africa; all underpinned by highly respected academics.

  • We have a proven track record of successfully launching and supporting blended and online programmes in a difficult to penetrate region. As an example, we successfully launched the first UK blended learning MBA and DBA in the region.
  • Very large Alumni base constantly referring students to us.
  • Sound financial standing with our own online payment portal and a track record of 70% collection on or before maturity date.

For more information, contact our Managing Director, Prof. Timothy Campbell, on