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Stafford Global are pioneer providers of Online Degrees – Online MBA, DBA, PGCE & Online Masters – from some of the best UK universities. Our course portfolio consists of Distance Learning and Online Degrees, and is available to students in Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe & the Middle East.

For more than 29 years Stafford Global has held strong to our mission – to help students achieve a degree from the world’s best Universities, without the need to disrupt their career or personal commitments. Stafford Global offers students carefully selected DBA Doctorates, Part-time MBAs, Online MBA, PGCE, Online Masters degrees and diploma-to-degree programmes, guiding them in choosing the right UK degree for their personal and career aspirations, to assisting them in making a successful application. We are proud to have helped over 20,000 graduates attain their dream and live a better life.

Established in 1993, our Higher Education Consultant Hubs in global markets provide administrative support to students in Asia, Africa, Canada, Europe, Levant and the Middle East. Speak to a Higher Education Consultant to learn more.

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What Students Say


Kelvin Joseph Mpiwa

University of Northampton | MBA

It has been a remarkable journey, made possible by the unwavering dedication of students and staff from both the University of Northampton and Stafford Global. I extend my gratitude to everyone involved.  I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to expand their knowledge base. You’ll be surrounded by amazing people who genuinely want to see you succeed. Don’t hesitate, take the plunge – you won’t regret it!


Mohammed Abuelqroush

University of Northampton | MBA

I wanted to share my wonderful experience with the Executive MBA programme and the admissions process. Stafford Global’s devotion, hard work, and dedication to my personal and professional development was evident throughout.

During the admissions process, I was able to demonstrate my academic achievements, leadership potential, and relevant professional experience, all of which were required to meet the high standards of this top-tier MBA programme. I’m grateful to the admissions team for their guidance and support throughout the process, which made it possible for me to be admitted into the programme.

My MBA programme at the University of Northampton has been challenging but enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from world-class teachers, network with a diverse group of professionals, and acquire practical skills and knowledge that will serve me well in my future career. As I progress through the program, I’m confident that my critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills will continue to improve, setting me up for success.

Overall, I can’t thank Stafford Global enough for this incredible opportunity to be a part of such an outstanding MBA programme. My experience with the admissions process and the program itself reflects my dedication and perseverance, and I’m excited about what the future holds for me.

Edinburgh Napier University Review Testimonial

Grace Chauta

Edinburgh Napier University | BA Business Management Top Up

Honestly, I have never met a team  so helpful like the one you have! They  are  a great team and have already  passed on great  recommendations  to my friends and family. The process was less complicated  and the entire team was super helpful! I am looking forward to my studies. Please thank everyone  for me!

Edinburgh Napier University Review Testimonial

Ziad Mahmoud Sobeh

Edinburgh Napier University | BA Business Management Top Up

I want to express my sincere thanks to you for this wonderful level of follow-up and support. I received a call from Mr Raphael, who gave me full partnership on what we will do together to achieve this goal. I preferred you over the other educational institutions because the list of universities you represent is accredited by MOHE in my country, Jordan which is very important for me, in addition to the high level of professionalism and clarity you provide. I chose Edinburgh Napier University after doing a research in which I concluded that it is ranked among the top 500 universities globally. I am looking forward to have a great journey, and wish it will be at my expectation. I’ve been waiting to start this programme for a long time. Big thanks to the Stafford Global team. I wish you all the best.


Clinton Reddy

Edinburgh Napier University | Online MBA in Banking

I am currently a University of Edinburgh Napier Alumni, thanks to the advice and convincing of Mina (Higher Education Consultant)!

Mina called me in 2018 and gave me the confidence that I could get my MBA while working. She convinced me to register for the MBA in Banking as I worked within the investment banking industry. She assured me, by speaking of testimonials of others that studied before me through the years, that she believed in me, that I could do this and stated that she will always be available to assist if I had any questions or difficulty with the university.

I wanted to express my thanks to Mina for her well-guided process from the first call to convince me to register all through the registration process. Her quick responses to my admin emails during the peak of COVID were also comforting, and I stopped worrying as everything was in control somehow!

Thank you to Mina for being such a wonderful person and believing in someone that you had never met. You understood my study needs from the first call we chatted! I am sure you were surprised when I called you on your cell (which you had given me in case of emergency) to thank you and give you the good news of my completing my MBA in Banking! It’s not every day that we meet people that have an impact on others! You are one in a million!


Stella Oresanya

University of Dundee | MED

I am happy to share my experience with Stafford global. My tutors and programme leaders have been so helpful to me through my learning. They have provided the tools and links to navigate the module materials, I am grateful for their help. The focus during my studies was on Leadership and Inclusion, this learning has better informed my understanding of the learning environment- people, culture, values, and a better response towards an effective and efficient school. Moving forward, My Full Masters program will focus on the Special Education Needs Child or Social Works. Although, I have successfully completed my PGCE in the University of Dundee as an online distance learner, there were some challenges I experienced. These are health related which has made my studies linger more than expected. However, I thank God Almighty for healing and help to complete my PGCE. I would have continued to do the Full Master’s program immediately but not online this time around. I want to be on campus for my master’s so I would appreciate if Stafford can help with this process to enable me resume on campus in September 2023 session.
An Alumni introduced me to Stafford global and I have been telling friends about your organisation as well, I hope they will see the opportunity to improve on their learning sometime soon.


Aimee Moore

University of Nottingham | PGCEi

Found the workshop incredibly informative. Everyone was friendly and professional.

Google Review

Mohamed AbdelrahmanMohamed Abdelrahman
15:25 20 Aug 22
My experience with Stafford was a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed all my time during my studies dealing with such a great team. One I can forget his perfect attitude and manner is Mr. Noel. He made it so easy to go through each and every step of the way. May God bless you and I wish you all success in your path as well as you made it for me.
Salini BinoSalini Bino
03:38 17 Aug 22
Highly recommend Stanford Global. I was able to take a good decision in joining University of Nottingham , which is one of the most prestigious university.Mr.Noel Mira helped me in clearing all my queries with much patience. He was there without any hesitation to sort out the confusions I had before joining the PGCEi program. I’m so grateful to Mr.Noel for the proper guidance and support. Wishing him all success in his future endeavors and express my gratitude towards the institution.
Ayat TohamyAyat Tohamy
07:20 06 Aug 22
I was so confused which PGCE I wanted and which University I should go for. With the help of Mr.Noel it was so easy to choose the best for me. Noel was always there for me to answer all my questions anytime. He made every step of my application process as easy as possible.Really I had a wonderful experience while I was processing my application.Thank you very much Mr.Noel for your hard work and support.Wishing you all the best
samia helmysamia helmy
17:09 01 Aug 22
With Stafford global , I’ve had a truly wonderful experience through my application process. Advisors were always ready with answers and always were forthcoming with help. Noel Mira is my academic advisor and he made every step of my application process as easy as possible. When it comes to documents and applications we have a lot of questions. Noel was there every step. I’m just starting my journey , but so far so good
Ingy HassiebIngy Hassieb
10:13 20 Jul 22
I was really confused about which program to choose for my post-grad studies and I had lots of questions about every little thing, all of which were answered by Stafford Global Consultant Noel Mira. He was extremely helpful and responsive, providing me with information, insight, and guidance which ultimately helped me make an informed decision. I highly recommend Stafford Global to prospective students looking for distance learning opportunities.
abdallah fathiabdallah fathi
08:33 06 Jun 22
I was delighted to contact Stafford in the first place , they were professional and very accurate regarding the info they are providing , more than that i personally like to thank Ashleigh Payne (on of Stafford stuff) to always be it touch answering all my questions & helping me step by step.very excited to start the new chapter of my life with my new university
Taye JohnsonTaye Johnson
09:10 09 Apr 22
I have nothing but positive words about Stafford Global. The process leading to my acceptance was seamless. Expect professionism, great communication, and having a team wanting you to suceed in your education endeavor. If you are seeking higher education, this is it!
viju antapurviju antapur
16:34 07 Mar 22
Mr Noel has a very good attitude and high level of professionalism.I would highly appreciate the genuine support and guidance given by Mr. Noel Mira, through out my application journey. I can safely say that,without his mentoring and cooperation, I wouldn't have completed my application process successfully within the time limit. and got a seat in the one of the prestigious university, University of Nottingham.Mr. Noel way of communication and coaching is something outstanding and commendable. I would wish him all the success in his future ventures.
Farah CheshmejouiFarah Cheshmejoui
18:54 05 Mar 22
I have just started a PGCEi course with the university of Nottingham through Stafford Global and I have been pleased with the degree of help and support they have given me in particular Noel Mira. He helped me in resolving some issues and was supportive during this time. I highly recommend using their services if you are looking to study further. They are definitely a great bridge between the student and the university!!!

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